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Media Clips & Samples

Audio Samples

Bullfrog Dance (476k)
Delta Didge - edit (472k)
Delta Didge (4.4M mono)
Didge-Bowl - edit (472k)
Didge-Bowl (3.4M)
Tomorrow - edit (488k)
Tomorrow (5M)
Ground Groove - sample (396k)
Country Didge - sample (288k)
The Way - edit (760k)


WKTI - Radio - Milwaukee

ABC - TV - Milwaukee
NBC - TV - Chicago
NBC - TV - Milwaukee

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Back to School - The Movie

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(The didgeridoo) there is no mistaking its deep groan that can shake a person to the core. "I just thought it was amazing," said Runzheimer, a free spirited sort of guy who has traveled the world. He bought a didgeridoo and tried it out. At first, it wasn't easy to play... Runzheimer, now a seasoned professional, can also mix in rhythmic pauses. It all depends on how he flutters his lips and tongue over the beeswax mouthpieces he fashioned. He even barks into his instruments for an unusual effect.

-Racine Journal-Times

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