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Reid Runzheimer's fascination with the didgeridoo began while he traveled through Australia in the 1990s. His searching into its mystical sound took him on an experimental path with the instrument and into Aboriginal mythology.

One story tells of a man collecting wood for the night fire... When he was about to put a log on the flames he noticed there were still termites inside. He didn't want to burn them, so he lifted the log to his mouth to remove them... As he blew, termites flew from the end of the log and up into the sky, where they became the stars of the milky way... And for the first time the sound of the didgeridoo was heard on earth.

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With the same creative spirit, Runzheimer has built upon the instruction he's received and he works to carry the sound into differing styles of music. He has taken class with Djalu Gurruwiwi recognized as a master didgeridoo craftsman and teacher as well as the keeper of the instrument for his clan in Northern Arnemland. Runzheimer has taken lessons and workshops in Australia with experienced instructors including the acclaimed Charlie McMahon of the Australian band Gondwana. He is a regular attendee of the Joshua Tree Didgeridoo Festival in California and he has received instruction from Stephen Kent and Randy Graves both eminent performers living in the U.S.

Runzheimer plays the didgeridoo with solo twists and rhythmical turns.. He has successfully applied the didgeridoo beyond a sound usually associated with new age music. He creates unique percussive moods with Delta Blues, Jazz, Latin music as well as Rock. He has performed with the Milwaukee Rock Opera and their version of The Wall by Pink Floyd. In Milwaukee, he has also performed at the Summerfest Music Festival with the band Side Pocket. He has performed in the Midwest with Nucklehead and he has recorded with Jason Bogardt and Mike Starling. He continues to be sought after for session work.

Runzheimer has given presentations for groups and children's classrooms. During the 2000 summer Olympics in Australia, Runzheimer was interviewed by the media to explain the history, the cultural uses and to demonstrate the sound of the didgeridoo to TV and radio audiences. He was interviewed by the NBC and CBS affiliates in Milwaukee and the NBC affiliate in Chicago as well as the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel and Racine Journal-Times newspapers. He was also a featured guest on the popular morning radio show Reitman and Miller of WKTI in Milwaukee.

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